We Know Florida, And We Know Real Estate

Decades Of Combined Experience In Real Estate

“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.”

Andrew Carnegie

We Understand the Stacks

We believe that any real estate transaction is one of the most important decisions of anyone’s life, from buying the first home or even a complicated commercial transaction, every transaction involves big stacks and high risks. and we know that, and we are always committed to going the extra mile for your comfort and peace of mind at every stage. our group specialized in south Florida has dozens of agents scattered throughout the state and we are ready to answer any questions you might have

Strong Management

G Realty Group led by brokers Gili Brandel and Sara Gozlan, together they have decades of combined experience in leading and facilitating real estate transactions. Gili specializes in the commercial aspect, locating assets and opportunities, and investment management for foreign investors. Sarah specializes in leading locations, luxury real estate, short term rentals, and investment management together they manage dozens of agents and manage a professional network of firms, professionals, and representatives of local government agencies, the group has a full understanding of all state and local legal proceedings throughout South Florida.


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Meet The group

Sarah Gozlan

Licensed Broker #3285491

Sarah Gozlan is the broker and owner of G Realty Group, a boutique size real estate firm specializing in residential and commercial real estate. In early 2003, Sarah moved to Florida to pursue her studies and graduated with honors from Florida International University where she obtained a B.A in International Relations. While in College, Sarah has worked for the Consulate General of Israel, where she served as consular affairs representative and gained unprecedented international experience and worldwide Connections. Sarah’s various background allows her to connect with people of all levels and successfully close multi million dollars transactions year after year. Sarah has sold over 50 million. dollars in real estate in 2021. She is fluent in English, French
and Hebrew.

Gili Brendel

Licensed Broker #3280161

Gil Brendel is the broker and owner of G Realty Group, a boutique size real estate firm specializing in residential and commercial real estate. Gil specializes in the multi family market , foreclosures, auctions and distressed prosperities in the past 15 years. Throughout his extensive career , Gil has transacted more than $90 million in sales. Gil’s expertise in investment properties and locating investment opportunities has garnered his strong relationship with local and international investors. Gil is a native of Israel and is fluent in English , Hebrew and Spanish. .